Highly influenced by an early career in architecture which manifests itself in creative design, workmanship of simplicity, sophistication and smooth elegance. My work is recognisable by the elusive blend of shape, lightness and sensitive detail so that a perfect balance is achieved. I enjoy the challenge of mixing traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design with the main focus on the inner beauty of the source material.


Work ranges from the practical and functional to unique sculptural pieces sometimes using textured, bleached and scorched timbers, sometimes incorporating gold, metals, leather, glass and other woods. Work is mainly executed in native woods. Favoured techniques include steam bending, texturing, and fine polishing.


I participated in a number of collaboration projects including a 9-month CCoI collaboration project comprising artists of different mediums – sharing ideas, inspiring, being inspired, – and culminating in a ground-breaking exhibition “Collaboration” in the National Craft Gallery (October 2003) and follow-on road show.


My aspiration is to continue developing and to push the boundaries in design-led artistic/ sculptural work.


One of my artistic creations may be just what you need to add that perfect final touch to an exquisite interior setting.


Prices available on request following consultation.
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